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NBA Player Props for Wednesday the 10th

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The NBA season is coming to an end on Sunday. This season has been crazy with the first-ever In-Season Tournament to multiple 70-point outbursts. With the season closing very soon, we need to hit some player props before the postseason begins.

Tonight we have eight games on the lineup. Some teams are still fighting for playoff positioning, while also trying to gain momentum heading into the playoffs. Then there are other squads giving some young future cornerstones some reps. Some may think that the end of the NBA season does not matter, but every game counts. That is why we are here to give you some player prop bets to hit on to extend the bankroll for the playoffs.

Damian Lillard Over 27.5 Points (-118)

This prop needs to be grabbed right here and right now. There is a chance this total goes up if more players for the Milwaukee Bucks are listed as out. We do know for certain that they will be missing their number-one guy, Giannis Antetokounmpo. They are going to desperately miss Giannis as they are fighting for the number two seed in the Eastern Conference.

However, this can free up Damian Lillard once again. In six games without Giannis, Dame is averaging 32.3 points. The Orlando Magic are a great defensive team, as they are third best defensive team in the league. Despite the Magic’s defense, Dame can still generate a high-point total without Giannis.

Furthermore, the Bucks played last night, which means they might rest Khris Middleton a little bit. I think this line is low when we know that Giannis is not playing. The Bucks have been reeling, but they need to start picking it up before the playoffs start with or without Giannis. The Magic’s defense is legit, but Dame can score in bunches when called upon.

Nikola Jokic 12+ Rebounds (-155)

The game between the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves tonight is must-see TV. This game will most likely determine the number one seed in the Western Conference, as both teams are tied for that one spot. You should expect to see the starters play a lot of minutes tonight to get that advantage in the standings.

You can bank on Nikola Jokic having a great game tonight. Some might go for his points, but I think his rebounds are the way to go. In three previous games against the Timberwolves, Jokic is averaging 12 rebounds exact. Also, he is averaging 12.4 rebounds throughout the season and 13.6 in his last 10 games.

The Timberwolves tend to have a non-shooter on the court at all times. Rudy Gobert is going to match up with Jokic for most of the night. Gobert will be in the paint, which gives Jokic the ability to battle him on the glass. Furthermore, Jokic can guard Kyle Anderson if they run Naz Reid as the center. Anderson is not a knockdown shooter and Jokic would just sag off into the paint.

This is a huge game for both teams. Jokic knows the magnitude of this game. He will be in for at least 40 minutes tonight for sure. You can expect him to have his fair share of rebounding chances tonight. I think 12+ rebounds for Jokic is the best bet tonight.

Cam Thomas Over 25.5 (-105)

One thing we know for every Brooklyn Nets game is that Cam Thomas is going to get shots up. He is averaging more shots per game than LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard. He is going to shoot; it just depends if he gets hot and those shots go in. Tonight’s matchup is the perfect opportunity to take his points and pray he shoots at least 25 times.

The Nets take on a dismal Toronto Raptors team that has been tanking for a few months now. The Raptors have allowed the most points per game in the last two months. In their last 10 games, the Raptors are allowing three more points than the second-worst team. In that same period, Thomas is averaging 26.4 points per game.

Thomas against the Raptors is the perfect storm for him to score 30+ points. That would be a fine little sprinkle outside of taking his original line. I expect Thomas to go off tonight against a team that has stopped trying since early March.

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