NFL Survivor Picks

The following is Picks Calculator’s top suggested teams to choose for your NFL Survivor pool. Keep in mind this does not factor into previous weeks picked, this is a table that shows the highest success rate of win probability

GamePredicted Win Probability
SEA @ SFSF has a 73% chance to win
DEN @ LACLAC has a 71% chance to win
TEN @ MIAMIA has a 71% chance to win
CAR @ NONO has a 65% chance to win
NE @ PITPIT has a 63% chance to win
JAX @ CLEJAX has a 61% chance to win
BUF @ KCKC has a 60% chance to win
LAR @ BALBAL has a 58% chance to win
GB @ NYGGB has a 58% chance to win
TB @ ATLATL has a 57% chance to win
HOU @ NYJHOU has a 57% chance to win
PHI @ DALDAL has a 55% chance to win
IND @ CINCIN has a 52% chance to win
MIN @ LVMIN has a 52% chance to win
DET @ CHIDET has a 51% chance to win


NFL Survivor Pool Strategy

It’s common to need sophisticated techniques to win an NFL Survivor Pool, especially as the season goes on and your options grow more constrained. Here are a few helpful NFL Survivor pool tips to improve your chances of winning.

Analyze the Entire NFL Schedule

  • Before the season begins, analyze the entire schedule to identify potential weak opponents and strong teams. This will help you plan your picks strategically for the entire season

Identify Favorable Matchups

  • Pay great attention to the matchups, taking into account factors such as the home-field advantage, injuries, the circumstances of the weather, and the performance trends of the teams. Pick the teams that have the highest possibility of coming out on top against the more vulnerable competition.

Keep Bye Weeks in Mind

  • Be aware of bye weeks for each team. Avoid selecting teams on their bye week, as they won’t be playing.
  • Plan your picks around your chosen teams’ bye weeks, ensuring you have alternatives available.


What is an NFL Survivor Pick’em Pool?

An NFL Survivor Pick pool, also known as an Eliminator pool or Survivor pool, is a well-liked form of sports betting or prediction game in which players pick one NFL club to win each week’s game. The objective is to select a winning team each week, without using the same group of players more than once, until only one person is left as the lone survivor or winner. This is how it usually goes.

  • Participants join the Survivor Pool by paying an entry fee, if applicable. In some cases, pools may be free to enter for fun
  • Before the NFL season starts, each participant makes their initial pick for Week 1, selecting one NFL team they believe will win its game.
  • Picking a Team – In each subsequent week, participants must choose one NFL team they believe will win their game. Once a team is chosen, it cannot be used again for the rest of the season.
  • If the team chosen by a participant wins its game, they advance to the next week.
  • If the team chosen by a participant loses or ties their game, that participant is eliminated from the pool.
  • The objective is to survive longer than the other participants by consistently picking winning teams.
  • Tiebreakers – In case multiple participants are still alive in the pool late in the season and there are no more unique teams to pick, tiebreakers are used. Common tiebreakers include:
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