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Aaron Rodgers Minicamp Status: Trouble in East Rutherford?

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Minicamp Status

Minicamp, across the NFL, opened on June 11th as we officially inch closer to the beginning of football season. We always see a myriad of players skip this part of their team’s offseason in hopes of gaining a new contract, rest a bit longer, and so many other reasons in between. However, it was rather shocking to hear the news that both Aaron Rodgers and Hasson Reddick were skipping minicamp a mere hours before the Jets opened it up. Find out why these two franchise cornerstones were absent from this mandatory portion of the offseason.

Aaron Rodgers

We all know about Rodgers tearing his Achilles tendon a mere 4 plays into the new season. We also know that he has made an unprecedented recovery as he was cleared for play in week 16 of the 2023 NFL season.

Rodgers had what is called a “speed bridge” procedure, which essentially creates an hourglass figure connecting the Achilles tendon to the calcaneus (heel bone). Why is this revolutionary? It allows for more compression across the heel rather than at a single point which causes the player to have a distribution of weight and an easier time healing.

While it is easy to think that Rodgers is skipping minicamp due to rehab, there isn’t one true answer. Rodgers was a full participant during all 3 weeks of OTAs which causes further intrigue to the real reasons he is skipping minicamp. According to Robert Saleh, Rodgers gave advanced notice that he would not be attending minicamp. Saleh remained adamant that he was not disappointed that Rodgers did not attend, but this sounds like coach speak. What else are you supposed to say?

While this situation is one to monitor, I don’t expect Rodgers to not be on the field for the Jets. Simply put, Rodgers has his reasons for everything he does and this sounds like just another one of those times.

Hasson Reddick

Contrary to Rodgers, Hasson Reddick is holding out of minicamp hoping to land a new contract extension with the Jets. In April, it was announced that the Eagles traded Reddick to the Jets for a 2026 3rd-round pick that can become a 2nd. What was considered a steal on the Jets part has turned into what could be an issue for New York.

Reddick has made the Pro Bowl the last 2 seasons while being named a 2nd-team All-Pro in 2022. Over his 2 year tenure with the Eagles, Reddick totaled 27 sacks and 87 total tackles. Reddick’s 27 sacks, in 2022 and 2023, are tied for 4th most in the league in that time frame. To say that Reddick is a difference-maker is an understatement.

Reddick is currently in the last year of his deal where he is slated to make $14.25 million dollars with various incentives and bonuses totaling an additional $750,000. While it isn’t ideal that Reddick has not reported, there is not a massive amount of concern here. It is only June and there is plenty of time to strike a new deal and have Reddick ready for week 1. Still, this situation remains one to monitor as time ticks on.

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